Exhaust Fan Hinges Installation
Hartford, Connecticut

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Exhaust fan installation is important

Restaurant kitchen exhaust fan hinges can be a reoccurring issue. The fire codes in Connecticut (NFPA 96) require exhaust fans to be hinged. It may seem like a stupid requirement, but something as basic as a hinge can save your butt (and your restaurant's butt too).

An exhaust fan without hinges presents a series of risks because it can easily be destroyed, particularly during a cleaning or maintenance call. Because it is less effective at filtering out pollutants, a damaged exhaust fan can be a fire danger. The fan may potentially become unbalanced as a result of this.

An unbalanced exhaust fan rattles and makes a strange noise. Make sure you're familiar with your system's sound so you can tell what's normal and what's not. A faulty exhaust fan might cause a fire or very expensive electrical damage.

If you pull an unattached fan off for cleaning, merely setting it down could cause harm. They're made of a very malleable substance that's easy to harm. When hinges are placed, we can easily tip back the cover and clean or maintain items as needed. It's not just convenient, but also secure.

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