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Are you looking or a highly trained professional commercial kitchen hood cleaning and exhaust cleaners to service your restaurant or commercial kitchen in Hartford, Connecticut, Look no farther! Our customer satisfaction is our first concern! We are professional and highly trained hood cleaners that take our job seriously and know that if not done right, having grease build-up on your kitchen hoods can put your staff and customers in an unsafe environment.

We are proud to offer our services to the kitchens in one of the oldest cities in the United States and want to help keep our historical city safe by keeping our commercial kitchens free of grease fires! Give us a call today and get your commercial kitchen in reliable hands!

Who Needs Vent Hood Cleaning in Hartford?

If you have a commercial kitchen and have any type of hood and exhaust system in Hartford, Connecticut, you are qualified to have it cleaned regularly by a professional hood cleaner. Any type of commercial kitchen needs its kitchen exhaust and hood cleaned on a regular basis. Not only do restaurants need to be serviced, but places such as hotels, cafeterias, snack bars, churches and other businesses with hoods and vents.

How Often Should You Clean Your Kitchen Hoods?

Depending on what type of equipment or food your serve and make in your kitchen will tell you how often you should have your kitchen exhaust hood cleaning. The NFPA has a certain fire safety code in place for a commercial kitchen with hoods and exhausts and states how they should be cleaned and how often they should be inspected and serviced. Kitchens that use wood-burning stoves, char-boilers, and charcoal stoves should have their hoods and ducts cleaned up to every 30 days. Places that are open 24 hours also require having their kitchens cleaned more often due to heavier use.

Some Restaurants In Hartford Require Hood Cleaning More Frequently

If you serve hamburgers or own a fast-food eating place you may need to have a professional hood cleaner come by every two months. Most average restaurants and hotels or cafeterias should have a hood and exhaust cleaning scheduled every 3 months or ninety days. If you're are concerned about how often you should get your kitchen exhaust and hoods cleaned in Hartford, check with the NFPA’s code! Even hood and vents that aren’t above stoves or equipment that uses grease need to be cleaned at least once a year!

Give Hartford Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaner’s a call today and get your restaurant on the schedule today and you can rest easy knowing that your kitchen is in qualified and good hands.

Why Should Hartford Restaurants Get Their Commercial Vents Cleaned?

If you wondering why restaurants in Hartford, Connecticut should get their vents and hoods cleaned, it is a mandated requirement here in Hartford! The NFPA has a code to follow for cleaning hood and exhaust systems in commercial settings for fire safety reasons. Having your hoods cleaned by professionally trained hood cleaners greatly reduces the risk of having a fire in your kitchen. Grease is known to be more than fifty percent reason why fires break out in restaurants. This, of course, is extremely dangerous and could cause your entire building to burn and put other people’s lives in danger.

If you haven’t been following the NFPA’s code for fire safety for your commercial kitchen by having your hoods cleaned regularly and you have a fire, your insurance may not cover the cost of damages even though you have insurance in place. Hartford is actually known as the “Insurance Capital of the World” and so you can be sure that the insurance agent is aware of these codes and that it is a mandated requirement. Don’t be irresponsible and push off getting your hoods cleaned in Hartford, Connecticut.

Grease is a highly flammable substance in any form that it can be whether its vapors or a solid-state. If you have grease buildup in your hood and kitchen exhaust system and your grill flames up, it will catch those grease vapors and your entire system could be in flames within seconds! Not only is it a fire hazard but its very unhealthy if it gets built up and you have to work around those vapors. It can cause your employees to feel sick and even cause respiratory issues which are not only dangerous to them but bad for your business if your employees have to keep calling in sick.

Let Hartford’s number 1# Hood Cleaners take care of your kitchen and give your customers and employee a safe and healthy experience in your restaurant. Let’s Hartford’s historical buildings safe by ensuring we have our hoods cleaned right.

Our Hood Cleaning Is Done Right

Don’t try to tackle the job of cleaning your hoods yourself! Not only is this a lot of work but if not done right by people with the right training and equipment, it will not be effective! If your wondering about the quality of Hartford Commercial Kitchen Hood and Exhaust Cleaners work, you can stop right now! We take our jobs seriously and are professionally trained in what we do. Not only do we know how to make your hood look like new but we know how to detect problems in your kitchen’s exhaust system and can alert you before you have potential danger. We follow the NFPA’s code to cleaning your kitchen and we can go through some of the steps we follow to clean your kitchen exhaust and hoods.

First of all, we lay protective plastic in your kitchen so your other equipment doesn’t get splattered while we cleaned your hoods and exhausts. If grease is built up in your systems we will go thru and scrape off the heavy build-up with the special tools we have that won’t scratch your finish. Then we apply caustic food-safe chemicals to the hoods and exhaust system. We not only do this inside the kitchen, but we go up to the roof and clean the entire exhaust and duct.

After we allow our chemicals to sit for a while on the hood and exhaust so it can thoroughly break down the grease, we take our special hot water pressure washes and rinse the hood and exhaust. If you're wondering where all the water and grease goes, we bring in big barrels to empty it into and we use tact on heavy plastic to the hoods that we use to funnel into those barrels so you don’t have to worry about disposing of the grease waste. After we have inspected the hood, duct, and exhaust to make sure everything is cleaned and working properly, we shine your hood to make it look brand new.

We Leave Every Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Thoroughly Cleaned

We leave behind our company’s certification sticker on the side of the hood with the date it was serviced so your health and fire inspectors and the insurance company knows you’re keeping up with getting your hood and exhaust cleaned regularly. We are highly qualified hood cleaners and leave you with a sparkling kitchen and a safer environment for your family, employees, and customers.

If you are wondering when we clean your kitchen if you will have to open early for us or mess up your schedule, you don’t have to worry! We are the unseen heroes that clean your kitchen at night so we won’t be in your way. If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call and we would be very happy to help you! It is important that you have professional cleaners that have specialized trained to do this job.

Our Cleaning Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

Hartford’s historical streets are filled with many different types of commercial kitchens from restaurants to hotel kitchens and snack bars. Every commercial kitchen has a hood and exhaust system to keep the grease from building up inside the restaurant kitchens. Not keeping these systems cleaned on a maintained basis could create some real health and fire hazards. This is the reason Hartford has mandated that every commercial kitchen should have its hood and exhaust cleaned by following the code the NFPA has in place for this as well.

We offer the entire hood and exhaust cleaning for your commercial kitchen. There are other places in a kitchen that grease build-up and we can also clean those areas! Grease traps can be a problem if they are not cleaned and serviced regularly and the grease won’t break down like it's supposed to and clog up the system. We have special equipment that helps us clean these areas and we would be happy to add that to the schedule when we clean your kitchen or restaurant.

Keep in mind that if you do not have your cooking equipment cleaned properly it can stop working properly. If grease builds up in the exhaust fan it can keep it from properly sending all the bad air outside and cause some of those toxic grease vapors to stay in the kitchen which creates a health and fire hazard. Contact Us today if you have a question about getting a certain service for your kitchen!

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