Rooftop Grease Containment

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Roof damage caused by exhaust fan discharge affects over 80% of food processing facilities.

The key to having a long-lasting roof is to limit your exposure to anything other than the elements of nature. Okay, the secret is no longer a secret. What we're saying is that the oil filtered out by your hood system has to go somewhere, and that somewhere is your roof.

Grease buildup is not only a big fire hazard, but it may also cause your roof to cave in if it is not properly contained. That is why Hartford Hood Cleaning in Hartford, Connecticut, provides Rooftop grease containment. For additional information about our services, please see our About page.

Rooftop grease containment and it's uses

We prefer to think of restaurant grease as a huge (greasy) monster from which you can't get away. It's there if it isn't here, and it's very difficult to get rid of once it's there. That is, unless you contact us. Exhaust fans are used to keep grease vapors out of your restaurant's kitchen. If it doesn't end up in the restaurant, it'll have to go somewhere else. That's your rooftop, if you don't mind me saying so. While we'd want to believe that everything is wonderful and dandy, it isn't unless you have a proper rooftop grease containment system in place.

Without a rooftop grease containment system, a restaurant runs the risk of a fire or serious damage to their building's roof. Because grease is acidic, a buildup of it on your roof might cause it to deteriorate. That does not appear to be a fun situation for a thriving food business.

So how can you prevent roof deterioration?

Installing rooftop grease containment on all of your exhaust fans is the most effective approach to keep grease from damaging your roof. Excess grease will be collected from your system by a correctly built grease containment. Rainwater can also drain off without causing damage to your roof.

Hydrophobic pads, which are designed to shed water yet hold grease, will be prevented with a good rooftop grease containment system. Without these pads, rainwater and grease will eventually spill over the roof if you simply have a grease box to catch grease.

Rooftop cleaning and the installation of a rooftop grease containment system are available from Hartford Hood Cleaning. We will inspect the system on a regular basis, alert you to any potential hazards, and take appropriate action if necessary. We offer, install, and maintain effective roof grease protection systems. It's a low-cost approach to keep your roof safe.

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"The ROOF, the ROOF, the ROOF is on FIRE!" - that one restaurant owner who didn't get a proper rooftop grease containment system.